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Gran Pacifica – Oceanfront Living for World´s Middle Class

When we exited the city limits of Managua and set out on the 50 minute drive through sparcely populated lush terrain, we didn’t know what to expect from the Gran Pacifica development. Our line of work allows us to visit many projects of varying sizes, scopes, and management expertise. When we pulled into Gran Pacifica, it was immediately apparent that this was an exceptional project.


Entering the development we passed through the rolling green fairways of the already completed 9-hole golf course and crossed in front of a huge construction project with dozens of workers working away.  We stopped and took a look at the sign to see an incredible rendering of a 5 story Wyndham Resort with an incredible multilevel pool extending outwards towards spectacular beaches.

We drove around for a few minutes somewhat disoriented.  We hadn’t requested directions on where we were to meet Kent Payne once we arrived, as we hadn’t anticipated there would already be so much built.

We passed by dozens of custom houses ranging from small modern homes to luxurious colonial villas before finding the main office situated alongside a beachfront condominium.  We strolled into the restaurant and met Kent with a friendly handshake.  “This place is incredible,” my partner and I both said in unison.

After a spectacular lunch we hopped in Kent´s golf cart for a tour of the 2500 acre project.  We started on the golf course.  Kent, an avid golfer beams with pride.  Currently 9 holes are completed, with another 9 holes cleared.  The entire development will soon feature 45 holes of golf with pro-shop, driving range and golf-cart rentals already in place.

We then visited two of the custom homes built in the town´s center.  Everything about these homes was tastefully done to meet the wide range of specifications requested by the owners to meet California seismic building standards.

Finally we made our way back to the condominiums, where we visited a 1BR efficiency unit going for $100,000 just 20 meters from the ocean and the restaurant, as well as a lovely 2BR unit.

The surf in Gran Pacifica is one of the top three spots in Nicaragua, and the community has attracted a small number of well to do surfers.  The odd couple mix of being both a surf and golf mecca along with the developments international retirement appeal promises to attract a highly fun and diverse community, which is already showing signs of life.

Gran Pacifica strikes me as an incredible investment opportunity: spectacular location, quality management, and the timing seems optimal.  They are far enough into the project that anyone can see a large body of work, but with only 500 acres out of the total 2500 developed, choice properties are still available in a town that has all the growth potential in the world.

But the place isn’t for everyone.  Kent mentions that they receive a number of international clients who come looking for “these $50,000 beachfront homes they heard about in Nicaragua.”  Standing beside the Wyndham hotel, we chuckle at this.  Gran Pacifica is a world class development, drawing a vibrant international community situated along some of the world´s most beautiful coastline.  Lots start around $40,000, small homes around $100,000, with larger luxury homes available starting at around $250,000.

For more information, visit http://www.granpacifica.com