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October 2013 Nicaragua MLS Presentation Tour

Schedule a meeting when we come to your area of Nicaragua! We would love to meet you and show real estate professionals of all kind in your area of network on how the MLS can generate more income.


CANIBIR (Nicaraguan Real Estate Chamber) in cooperation with Propertyshelf present the official and national Multiple Listing Service to Real Estate Professionals across Nicaragua.  The founder and Business Developer of Propertyshelf is touring the country to meet with real estate agents, developers, and property management and leasing agencies. f

Johannes Mayr - President of Propertyshelf: “We are happy to meet with Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and Developers to further optimize our multilingual MLS to the unique market needs of Nicaragua.  If you are in Real Estate this is the platform that will save you time and money managing your for rent and for sale properties and best of all generate you more business domestically and internationally. --- Feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting when we are in your area of this beautiful country!”

Nicaragua's Multiple Listing Service is Mobile Ready with a Dynamic Design


IPhone 4 Screen Shots Navigating the Propertyshelf MLS

More advanced property information leads to more informed customers and richer property information provides for more accurate search matches.

Ben Berger  -  CFO & Business Development & Ecuador MLS Administrator: “Our MLS application is web-based and available from any and all mobile devices”

Johannes Mayr: "With a fast and easy listing entry and edition makes using the Propertyshelf MLS managing your residential and commercial properties fast and easy

Quick PDF and Flyer Generation Tools allow you to market your properties to people around the world with your properties appearing globally to an audience in 8 languages

Register now for your limited 30 day free trial!!.....

contact us under 8826 0438 or email us under info@mls-nica.com to meet with us

MLS-NICA.com the website to find your dream Nicaragua Real Estate

Nicargua MLS Education and Sales Tour

Propertyshelf the MLS Provider of the Nicaraguan Professional Real Estate Agent Network Plattform

Propertyshelf is touring Nicaragua to introduce MLS-Nica.com the Multiple Listing Service of Nicaragua.  We want to meet with all real estate professionals to illustrate the power of our MLS system and how it benefits real estate professionals in their daily business operations.   Feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting by clicking here....

Preliminary October Tour Schedule:

  • 3 Managua
  • 4-6 Pacific
  • 7 Managua
  • 8 Leon
  • 9 Rivas & Granada
  • 10-11 Managua
  • 12-14 Corn Islands / Bluefield
  • 15 -17 South & Central Pacific San Juan del Sur

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