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Effective and Easy to use Listing Management and Marketing Services

About the Propertyshelf MLS

Propertyshelf, a proven technology and MLS service provider offers customized MLS software to Real Estate Professionals in Nicaragua. We continuously develop and offer new solutions that will help bring more business to real estate professionals and give unsurpassed exposure to their listings, while also offering tremendous time and cost savings, thanks to our easy to use and effective property MLS engine.

Propertyshelf was not built overnight. Our system’s design is a result of careful collaboration between seasoned real estate professionals and top ranked software engineers. With the end user in mind, we have created the most advanced, user friendly real estate site for the Nicaraguan and other emerging markets both national or regional. The Propertyshelf creators have incorporated their real estate knowledge, observed the market trends, and slowly molded our system to meet the industry's needs.  The MLS-Nica incorporates basic aspects of a standard MLS with many features specifically designed for Nicaragua to best service its real estate industry.

Traditional MLS & Nicaragua specific MLS Features

Additional Benefits & Services

  • Automatic Text generation in several languages - this way agents can automatically attract buyers abroad without the need of translators.
  • Proprietary sharing technology allows you to integrate listings into any 3rd party websites. Nicaragua´s Real Estate professionals can benefit from Propertyshelf websites since they enable full customizable integration with the MLS.
  • Consumer direct sites create exposure to potential buyers.  Listings are visible on multiple multilingual websites for even greater visibility (as well as on other member agent websites).

How MLS-Nica is Different

  1. MLS-Nica does not permit just anyone to list properties on our system.  We look for professional agents and developers who are committed to building a more honest and efficient industry in Nicaragua.  Property owners are only permitted to promote their properties on MLS-Nica through one of our member agents.
  2. MLS-Nica is not a single portal but a network of websites, each appealing to a different subset of buyers.  Properties are entered on mls-nica.com and are then exported to dozens of sites, including realtor.com, international realtor sites, and our own ever expanding network of Nicaragua portals (in 7 different languages).
  3. MLS-Nica is a tool to promote cooperation between Real Estate Professionals.  When you enter a property in MLS-Nica, you select the commission amount you are willing to pay to anyone who can find a buyer.  You now have an army of realtors now working to sell your property.  In this manner, Nicaragua´s professionals can better work with each other and international real estate professionals to connect potential buyers with sellers.