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Looking for Residential and Commercial Real Estate in Nicaragua? offers professional real estate services to professionals to promote transparency and efficiency in the Nicaraguan market.

MLS-Nica is administered by Propertyshelf, with additional regional support from Canibir.  Propertyshelf is a leading real estate technology company, MLS and website service provider, MLS-Nica offers brokers, agents, developers, and property management companies the tools they need to manage their real estate property inventories and find more buyers and tenants.

The MLS is the only source of verified residential and commercial for sale and rental real estate property listings in Nicaragua.  No matter if you are looking for a house, a condominium, a farm or commercial place to rent for your business or beach house or colonial home or vacation retreat

Oceanfront Real Estate for Sale in Nicaragua Central America

-  Oceanfront, Lake front Properties for Sale and Rent in Nicaragua

-  Interested in waterfront real estate for affordable prices? see some example properties in Nicaragua...