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The Cámara Nicaragüense de Corredores de Bienes Raíces was founded in 1997, to bring together a wide range of professionals involved in Nicaragua´s real estate sector.

CANIBIR consistently strives to create a more professional real estate industry in Nicaragua.  The professionalization of the real estate business as well as the active participation in the enactment of Law 602 (requiring real estate brokers to receive a license to practice) have featured among the most recent important achievements of this Chamber.   It's recent cooperation with Propertyshelf MLS illustrates their willingness to promote cooperation, transperancy and providing professionals with the tools and environment for effective cooperation in the benefit of all stakeholders.  (Buyers, Sellers, Brokers, Developers, Tenants, and Landlords)

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    The Mission, Recent History, and Board of Directors of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Real Estate (CANIBIR)

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    Looking for a real estate agent in Nicaragua? Choose from the industry´s top professionals, all certified by Canibir, Nicaragua´s official real estate association.

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    Current Board of Directors of the Nicaragua Chamber of Real Estate

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