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The main mission of the Cámara is to provide accurate information about the properties that are for sale or lease.

The rapid increase in population, the economic impacts our agricultural and urban areas, booming tourist sites and other factors related to rapid growth, have led to a quick development in Nicaragua´s real estate industry.

Real Estate brokerage has been performed, in some cases, unscrupulously, discrediting not just those in this profession, but the country in general.

As the prerequisite for achieving public confidence is honesty and transparency, it is necessary that the industry grow from foundations of responsibility, enabling private activities for public benefit.

In order to promote and strengthen the country's economic progress, through their collaboration in solving social problems that affect the public, the Nicaraguan Chamber of Real Estate has chosen a code of ethics, which sets standards minimum to be observed in the Real Estate Industry.

The Nicaraguan Chamber of Real Estate, through its Board, will be responsible for applying this Code and the penalties for noncompliance.

By adopting and swearing obedience to this Code of Ethics, we proceed with the knowledge that self-regulation and self-discipline are the most effective methods to protect the public, in their right to negotiate in the field of Real Estate.