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Official Nicaragua MLS Finalized - Free trial Ended! Showing Great Results!

The Official Nicaragua MLS is Finalized and Showing Great Results! In 2014, Canibir and Propertyshelf launched a sophisticated MLS platform for Nicaragua real estate professionals. It continues to set the standard for real estate networking and marketing technology throughout the country.
Official Nicaragua MLS Finalized - Free trial Ended!  Showing Great Results!

MLS Nica offers Nicaragua Real Estate Global Exposure

MLS Nica Benefits:

Global Exposure for Verified Real Estate Property Listings The MLS remains one of the most effective sales tools in the real estate market globally and locally. Utilizing the MLS, agents have become tremendously more effective generating sales by reaching out to buyers globally and domestically. The MLS property verification requires agents to have listing agreements with their sellers which assures buyers and cooperating agents that there are no surprises at closings making Nicaragua real estate more attractive to especially foreigners and real estate professionals globally to market these properties to their buyers (co-broker, real estate client referrals) in all relevant languages. (German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, ) and of course English and Spanish.

MLS Registration...

MLS Nica is now fully developed, tested and functioning well and our agent listings are in the top search results in all relevant foreign languages. Don’t take our word for it! google Nicaragua real estate on other language specific google pages. i.e. on google.de enter costa rica immobilien, ..

With syndication partners like Homes4, OLX and Realtor.com your listings reach millions of potential buyers abroad and locally instantly. What comes next: The free trial has ended, so it is time to register for your access. We invest the majority of our MLS membership dues to marketing your properties to agents and buyers.

What is an MLS? & How it Benefits:

A MLS facilitates efficiencies in real estate transactions by increasing the number of real estate agents marketing your property as well as the national and international visibility on Nicaragua Real Estate Properties on the web. Instead of working with one agent, you now gain exposure to hundreds if not thousands as all members of the MLS have the option to market your property in exchange for a share of the offered commission. Sellers benefit by increased exposure to their property, while buyers benefit because they can obtain information about all MLS -listed properties while working with only one broker. With the MLS in place, buyers and sellers can work with a single professional of their choice, confident that they have access to the largest database of VERIFIED properties for sale in the Nicaragua real estate marketplace.

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Additional Benefits - Reach International Buyers:

According to NAR, international buyers are the best client target group, since on average they spend more money, close faster and oftentimes make purchase decision remotely from finding information online. Propertyshelf gives unparalleled access to international buyers through its syndication partners like realtor.com and realbuzz.com. All listings exist and are marketed in all relevant languages allowing sellers to reach investors from around the world in their native language.

Best of all, thanks to the Homes4 Global Alliance each member has the opportunity to partner with agents in each language that are better equipped to market properties to their respective audience, bridging linguistic and cultural gaps that often exist, in exchange for a small referral fee. In other words you might receive a call from a Russian agent managing the translation and supports you throughout the sales process with a Russian speaking client any keep 75% of the commission! Our efforts with only a few properties currently in the system already lets our site appear on top search engine rankings across multilingual portals.

Save Time & Money: MLS Nica powered by Propertyshelf continuously develops and enhances its listing management tools to save agents time, helping them be more effective in their daily lives

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  • Developer Tools that help effectively promote communities. Do you have a real estate project that you want to market throughout our network? MLS-Nica together with Propertyshelf has released a new package of tools designed to meet the unique needs of Costa Rica real estate builders and developers. Get the very best international exposure and allow agents throughout the MLS to market your property to their buyers.
  • Advanced Websites that integrate directly with the MLS and Developer Tools, so you can easily manage your listings in a single location and custom import properties directly into your webpage.

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