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Real Estate

Real Estate

The Nicaragua Real Estate Market has started to experience a boom that is about to unleash. Nicaragua properties prices reflect the increase of tourists coming to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Canal or Not!

Nicaragua at minimum gets a Caribbean Port that will increase commerce.  Nicaragua's beaches are pristine, the lakes, volcanoes and offers a rich history.  Nicaragua makes for the ideal retirement and travel destination for decades to come.

Sign's of the Nicaragua Real Estate Boom

The amount of visitors to Nicaragua have increased tremendously, many visitors return and a respectable amount move end up moving to Nicaragua. The lower cost of living allows for an increase in quality of life and that in style.   Granada's prime real estate property prices show that. Afluent Neighborhoods in Managua have stunning views of Lake Managua and express luxury style.

Managua's urban commercial market has already taken off with square footage prices lower than its neighboring countries.  The Departamento of Rivas continues to unfold as the ideal tourist destination with real estate prices bound to continue to further increase rapidly.  The new airport close to the impressive Guacalito de Isla luxury real estate development opening up in the coming weeks (2015) surely promises a boom in land prices.  The Caribbean is no exception, and will surely bring lots of growth and increase in real estate property prices in the coming years.

Political Risk?

The Nicaraguan Real Estate market has soo much potential, but is still unorganized. Despite Ley 602 ratified, which is a well drafted licensure law for Real Estate Agentsthat is very similar to the professional licensing laws of the United States. Eventhough not fully enforced, just yet. The New Generation is here and with that a pro business mindset.  The many Nicaraguan's we had the pleasure to converse with, are sick of war by culture and with that bring a sense of security that the days of revolution is over.  Political risks exist, yes; but Ortega's continued power also brings opportunities and stability to Nicaragua. 

Is Nicaragua about to Explode? 

Probably not but for the long term investor there a plenty of opportunities to be found.  More Risk oftentimes also offer higher returns, dealing with Nicaragua real estate investments that can also hold true.  If you have a network of people you can trust (Lawyer, Real Estate Agent, Caretaker,..), Nicaragua can be a fantastic life changer.   Nicaragua is not for everyone, but those who love nature and the more "easy and vibrant life" Nicargua at minimum is a must to Visit.